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Men’s Haircut – One Cut, Many Styles!

Females have many choices when it comes to transforming their look through makeup and hair, while males usually carry one look by default. Have a sigh of relief! Now guys can also rock some different looks provided that if they visit the right barber or stylist in Fairfax VA. First of all, such guys need a skilled stylist who keeps current on the latest styles, modern cutting techniques as well as takes his or her time with each man in the salon chair. Apart from all, they also teach men on how to recreate different styles with the same hair cut.  

With the right hair products, you can imagine just “one cut, many styles”. Don’t hesitate to show any picture of what haircut you exactly want, and don’t be afraid to ask the stylist what they think would look great! Just this question alone can give you a good idea if your hair stylist is experienced and familiar with the latest trends.

An artistic hair stylist with the right technical skills isn’t the only criteria to look for in the perfect stylist for Men’s haircut in Fairfax VA . An important criterion is a stylist who has passed the state boards and obtained license through school or apprenticeship.

Always keep in mind that there is a world of difference between “professional styling products”. No one wants “helmet head” anymore. More men are turning to the well-groomed look, and a good stylist will recommend products that achieve the right look. Being a hair stylist, I cut men’s hair in a way to add texture to the hair using different cutting techniques. Adding some product makes the hair look stylish and modern.

At the end of the blog, I will just say this much, if you are in doubt about a new cut, go for the GMH “Grown Man's Haircut.” It is easy to care and easy to style as well as require minimal time and product. It grows out naturally and looks professional.

Zaid Bakeer

Creative Director

Hayadi Salon

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