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Balayage- Best Hair Color Trending

The balayage technique is gaining popularity among women; it has also become a preference for those who have been looking for softer highlights. Balayage isn’t something new; it has been around for many years until foils came around.  Here are some advantages for going with balayage:

  • Ideal in summer: Lightening hair color is one of the most popular things that women get done to their hair during summer time. It’s sure to leave you with natural looking sun bleached hair without having to stay out under the hot summer sun all day. If you have really dark hair, chances are that balayage might even work for you all year round, depending on how light you get yours done.
  • Versatile: This method is versatile in numerous ways; it can be done on any hair type. It does look better on longer hair, but it will work on short hair as well.
  • Helps in saving time and money: The technique looks very natural, so you don’t need to touch up the roots as often as regular lowlights and highlights. Your hair will grow out without a line of demarcation so it will simply blend right in.

Final tips:

Make sure you do your homework and go to the best hair salon in Annandale VA. Ask your hairstylist for advice on the hair colors that best suit your skin complexion.

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