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Why does hair color look brassy?

So many times after dying or highlighting the hair, the color starts looking brassy or golden orange. Why is that? A very good question that hairstylist get asked all the time. To explain the process takes a very experienced hairstylists who has been in the industry for many years. They should be able to tell you  before coloring your hair if it will become brassy with time. Here are some of the steps you should take when consulting with hairstylists who work in the best hair salon in Fairfax VA.

Step 1: Always tell the hairstylist if your hair has been colored even if it was with a rinse or demi-color. This will help determine any left over pigment in the hair, which will get exposed when applying a new color. 

Step 2: You should know if you have natural dark hair color, most probably you have a warm/brassy underlying color. For example, if a person who has dark brown hair decides to highlight their hair, they will get a golden highlights versus a person who has light brown hair who gets cooler looking highlights.  

Step 3: Ask the hairstylist if they recommend going with a ash based toner or color to help neutralize the warm/brassy tones. The best hairstylist can tell you if its a good idea to lift your hair color and expose the underlying pigment.

Final thoughts: The best hair salon in Annandale Va, or the best hair colorist in Springfield VA should always guide you in your decisions on the type of hair colors that best suit your skin and eye color.  Always take their recommendations and your hair will look its best. To have the best hair color in Fairfax Va or best haircut in Arlington Va, its recommend to bring pictures to help with communication.

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