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How to get the best Ombre from Hayadi Salon

How to get the best Ombre from Hayadi Salon
Ombre hair colors have been trending for some time now and it doesn’t seem like its going away anytime soon. Different variations of the Ombre hair colors have made front covers like the combination balayage ombre hair technique.

By looking around you its rare to find a well done Ombre. Carmen is a hairstylist at Hayadi Salon who has taken many classes on different hair trends, and specializes in Ombre. She advises anyone looking to get a nice ombre to look for the best hair salon in Fairfax Va. Typically any salon that has good social presence and sends its stylist to hair shows, will usually be at the front of hair trends. 

Carmen’s tips are to make sure you do your research on which colors you would like to achieve. Keeping in mind the different shades Ombre offers and how they reflect on your skin tones. Also a good Ombre takes time to achieve so don’t go to the salon and expect to be done in 2 hours. A professional Ombre takes about 3-4 hours on the first time depending on whether toners are used and if it includes haircuts or styling. 

Depending on your hair texture and thickness you can play around with how light or dark you want the Ombre to look, and where to start the color transitions. Don’t forget that Ombre includes different colors, so its not just bleaching the ends.To achieve the best Ombre hair color in Annandale Va you will have to do some good research before going to the salon, just keep in mind that a through consultation will get you what you are looking for.


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