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Hayadi emerging as the new best hair care products to repair split ends.

June 24, 2013 – While the arrival of summer heat brings with it concerns about dry hair, and the fading of hair color, attempts to repair split ends and other hair problems should be a top priority among many beauticians and hairdressers. Among the emerging best natural hair conditioners and organic hair care products online are those now promoted at, some of whose products were featured in June 2013 issue of Modern Salon magazine. The site notes it has received numerous allocates for its line of hair care products both by customers and by other observers within the hairstyling field.


As noted by the leading salon industry magazine (Modern Salon Magazine), “the Hayadi Relief Hair Mask is one of the top 25 Summer Solutions that will save your hair against heat, sun, and chlorine.  It contains coconut oil, avocado oil, aloe, and silk.” A leading hairdresser in the salon industry, Zaid Bakeer adds, “It will leave your hair smooth and healed.  No wonder why so many professional hairdressers recommend it to all their clients.” This degree of support is especially helpful to hair care, according to many stylists, because apart from oiling, most precautions are barely taken this time of year. The Hayadi line serves to provide sulfate free, and paraben free hair shampoo and conditioners infused with essential oils to cover details for maintaining hair many consumers may miss.



The Hayadi webmasters and other stylists also recommend summer care tips that do not involve purchases in order to fight off and repair split ends. “As always, go for regular haircuts to get rid of split ends and prevent them from traveling further up the hair shaft,” says hairstylist Natasha Saigol. She also advocates thorough combing, “especially in the hot season. Get used to combing (not brushing) your hair with a wide tooth comb several times a day to get rid of the dust.” Zaid Bakeer adds “You should always wet your hair prior to entering the pool or the ocean to prevent the hair from absorbing chlorine or salt water.  The site encourages customers in the direction of using natural ingredients, such as organic aloe juice, as the foundation of their hair care.



The growing reputation of the items at appears to be also based on its dedication to providing professional salon quality hair products. The company founders have identified this lack of professional hair aids as a key deficit of the industry at this time, which they hope to fulfill by promoting their own organic hair care products. They expect to continue to be among the best hair shampoo and conditioner brands available to repair split ends and related hair problems for years to come.


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